About Matt

Matt Denn was elected as the 45th Attorney General of Delaware in November of 2014, and was sworn into office on January 6, 2015. Prior to this election Matt was serving his second term as Delaware’s Lieutenant Governor. Matt has been elected to serve the people of Delaware since 2005,


  • Very important to talk to your legislators during this 2 week break to urge passage of all 3 bills, including expanded access to treatment
  • We will try to have all 3 of our bills attacking the opioid epidemic finally passed soon after the legislature returns from break in 2 weeks
  • HB 91, creating better oversight of opioid prescribers, passed the House today. Hard work of advocates and Rep. Mulrooney carried the day.
  • Pleased to join 15 of my fellow AGs in standing up for the Constitution and for women's health in federal suit: https://t.co/tDSxFIPAvG
  • House vote today on HB 91 for better oversight of opioid prescribers -- pls. contact your State Rep. to let him/her know this is important.