About Matt

Matt Denn was elected as the 45th Attorney General of Delaware in November of 2014, and was sworn into office on January 6, 2015. Prior to this election Matt was serving his second term as Delaware’s Lieutenant Governor. Matt has been elected to serve the people of Delaware since 2005,


  • First meeting is 6 pm at Parkway Academy (304 S. Harrison Street) in Wilmington. Second is 7:30 pm at St. Paul's Church (1010 W. 4th St.).
  • Please join us for our community meetings tonight on the new Wilmington police foot patrol program. See additional tweets for locations.
  • Delaware's career prosecutors have taken some unfair criticism in the local press, I responded today: http://t.co/udEOTIJLrL
  • having their locations disclosed on the internet against their will, sponsored by Rep. Barbieri. Thanks to our legislative colleagues.
  • a bill to protect employees' social media privacy sponsored by Rep. Bryon Short. And fourth, a bill to protect crime victims from (part 4)