About Matt

Matt Denn was elected as the 45th Attorney General of Delaware in November of 2014, and was sworn into office on January 6, 2015. Prior to this election Matt was serving his second term as Delaware’s Lieutenant Governor. Matt has been elected to serve the people of Delaware since 2005,


  • 2) Statement on immigration order on my Facebook page at https://t.co/rD27uRy5IU
  • 1) I was asked for my opinion today on the President's order on immigration. My opinion is that it is a betrayal of basic American values.
  • More serious part of @WDEL interview yesterday: the impact on crime of heroin, and the need to expand treatment: https://t.co/25INNkRK2Q
  • Unexpected question from @WDEL interview today: asked to equate show hosts to Muppets. Went with cranky old balcony guy for @TheJensenShow.
  • Looking forward to chatting with Ciro Poppiti this morning on @WDEL at 9 a.m. If you don't call in, my mom probably will.