About Matt

Matt Denn was elected as the 45th Attorney General of Delaware in November of 2014, and was sworn into office on January 6, 2015. Prior to this election Matt was serving his second term as Delaware’s Lieutenant Governor. Matt has been elected to serve the people of Delaware since 2005,


  • In Pennsylvania for canvassing with our friend Christian from the Clinton campaign. Time to get to work, people!… https://t.co/kwWBqrnIh6
  • New Delaware Journal of Public Health includes my thoughts on school bullying and prescription opioid abuse: https://t.co/fgJJtz0vGc
  • Today we'll be discussing our expanded use of the state's nuisance property statute to target houses that are centers of criminal activity.
  • @MatthewCBittle For you, maybe
  • My office will be seeking to intervene on behalf of kids with disabilities in this new US Supreme Court case: https://t.co/BgCKZS8XAJ