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Matt Denn has been elected to serve the people of Delaware since 2005, working to make our state safer, to protect consumers and taxpayers, to advocate for Delaware’s children, especially those with disabilities, to make Delaware a better place to own and grow a business, and to improve the state’s


  • See the campaign's new video where other Delawareans talk about their work with Matt:
  • When I told them to put me to work at the State Fair, I didn't think it would be toting buckets of iced tea.
  • Kicking off the State Fair with the first corn dog of the season. And sadly, probably last one of the season.
  • In honor of @barackobama having a Charcoal Pit burger, I'll be having a corn dog at the State Fair tonight. Healthy eating rules are off.
  • @NicolePoore12 and I share our views in @delawareonline on the education of children with disabilities: