About Matt

Matt Denn was elected as the 45th Attorney General of Delaware in November of 2014, and was sworn into office on January 6, 2015. Prior to this election Matt was serving his second term as Delaware’s Lieutenant Governor. Matt has been elected to serve the people of Delaware since 2005,


  • A pleasure to meet Girls State AG Catherine Johnson -- very thoughtful student who shares my interest in kids issues https://t.co/4BST1kTAvd
  • Missed Firefly, but what a show by @Judith_Hill at @worldcafelive last night -- best live show Mrs. Denn and I have seen in ten years.
  • Lesson at #WizardWorldPhilly: people who have been in line for 5 hours don't think it's funny if you ask if they are back of line or front
  • My crowd-sourced welcoming remarks to new U.S. citizens in Delaware at last week's naturalization ceremony: https://t.co/GProc6eUSp
  • Dep. of Justice employees join @BBBSOFDE in mentoring elementary school students once a week -- you can do the same. https://t.co/bE8jKj70QY